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Our research interests are focused on the experimental and theoretical NMR shielding tensor (σ) and scalar spin-spin coupling constants (J) involving several nuclei such as 1H, 13C, 15N and 19F. Experimental and theoretical J coupling are used to determine the most stable conformers for a series of small organic molecules while quantum mechanics calculations are used to address the stereoelectronic interactions responsible for conformational preferences and how these interactions affect the experimental NMR parameters.

Group members until august-2016

We are also interested in employ diffusion NMR to separate the signals from different species due to their diffusion behaviour (Diffusion-Ordered SpectroscopY, DOSY). In the most difficult cases, when compounds diffuse at the same rate (as is common for cognate species), we manipulate the matrix in which they diffuse, dubbed as Matrix-Assisted DOSY (MAD). In our group, we merge a series of experimental NMR measurement to evaluate time course organic reaction to understand reaction mechanism and their stereochemistry, supported by quantum mechanics calculation. We are also developing new NMR experiments to improve our knowledge about molecular stability, which is very important in pharmaceutical area to evaluate the drug degradation profiles.

Congratulations to Angelita Nepel for being approved in her doctoral defense. During her PhD Angelita worked with the application of scalar coupling constants to the conformational analysis and to the study of intramolecular interactions. Her hard work resulted in an excellent presentation. We are proud of you Angelita!

Sep 06th, 2019

Congratulations to Kahlil S. Salome for being approved in his doctoral defense. During his PhD he worked with the application of matrix assisted DOSY to the virtual separation of enantiomers, and also with the study of the long-range Perlin effect in oxocanes. We are proud of you Kahlil!

Ago 30th, 2019

Dr. Cláudio F. Tormena attended to the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Chemical Society (RASBQ) held in J oinvile/SC-Brazil were he gave a talk entitled “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Reaction Monitoring”

May 30th, 2019

We are happy to receive new members: Guilherme Dal Poggetto, a former member of POCL, joined us again as a Post-doctoral fellow, João Vitor O. Soares and Bruna R. Abreu joined us to attend their Master’s degree, and Laiza B. Loureiro, who recently got her MSc degree, joined us as a PhD student. Congratulations to the new members for the grants, and welcome to POCL!

Mar 1st, 2019

Congratulations to Laiza B. Loureiro, the newest MSc from POCL. Her excellent defensis reflects the hard work during the entire project!

Feb 21st, 2019

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